Watering the garden in my underwear.

We burn all our paper by-products in a pit in the back yard.So I’m standing there. Beside the fire with a lighter in my hand just about to light the paper, when I see out of the corner of my eye a black figure standing beside me. No noise, no sound, not even any crumplingContinue reading “Watering the garden in my underwear.”

A bold move, a gamble that payed off.

There’s a Goddess painted on a closed roller door and a peacock on another. I’m at the market entrance. My shop front door. The Original Kuranda Markets in Kuranda, Far North Queensland. The village in the rainforest is still to wake up. It’s quiet except for the bird calls and insects buzzing. Nature at herContinue reading “A bold move, a gamble that payed off.”

The most famous incense in the world.

Nag Champa: Agarbatti. Nag means royal, regal or lofty in Sanskrit.It’s a respectful prefix used to show that something is revered or honourable. Champa or Champak is a flower.Himalayan Magnolia, Michelin champaca. Agarbatti literally means fragrant stick.Agarbatti is an ancient method of hand rolling incense. For a long time the recipe was secret.Only Satya Shrinigar’sContinue reading “The most famous incense in the world.”