Half a lifetime with Frankincense.

I have been advising and helping people for over 25 years understand the miracles of Frankincense.
I’m always amazed at how little is understood and practiced regarding the clean, crisp, aromatic, woody, scented gum.

I find people intrigued and fascinated when I start explaining some of the properties and applications of the ancient resin, preferred for literally thousands of years over all other aromatic and medical resins.

Why? The answer is simple.
And I’ll tell you why.

You see plenty of information when you scroll down the list of web sites promoting this and that but what I’m about to share with you,
for free,
is something I have enquired over many years of trial and era.
Something that would take you just as long to discover by yourself.

Something so simple and profound that it could change your life if you let it.

Now I know what your thinking, and you’re right.
So let’s just get on with it.
Lets get down to business.

Pure Frankincense resin can be used to heal wounds, sun spots, Minor infections.
All cuts, grazes, even major ones.
This may seem fanciful, even unbelievable and there’s no guarantee here but if your looking for something natural, pure, with no side affects, then this is the page you’ve been looking for.
Try this simple practice and you will be amazed.

This simple method I’m about to show you is not so much a secret as an unusual method.

Unorthodox, even radical but completely harmless and 100% natural.

Children, the elderly in fact anyone can use this practice with absolute assurance.

Let me explain how:-

First, take a piece of pure Frankincense resin.
About the size of a mint ball and start rolling it and squishing it between your fingers.
Takes about 20 mins before it goes really really sticky.
So sticky that it’s actually stuck to your finger tips.
It will be warm and pliable.

Now, smear the frankincense on a sun spot, a cut or wound, on a pimple or blemish. In fact any skin ailment will benefit from this application.
Work it gently to spread out or cover the skin problem.
Nice and as thinly spread as you can or is comfortable.

Melted frankincense can be used as leg wax, but I’ll go into that a bit later.

Last step of the process is to leave it for a day.
Yes, that’s right. Just leave it. Forget about it intel the next day.

Next day, when you feel like it, just gently peel the thin layer of frankincense resin away from the skin.
You might pull a hair or two but that’s the worst of it.
And that’s it.
Take a look at your skin problem now.

What do you think?
Would love to hear your results.

Hi and Welcome,

The Incense Princess is a conceptual entity that has walked beside me every day for over 25 years. She is part of me.

She has even carried me at times. She’s always there to comfort , reassure, inform and heal.

She can help you too.

Full of knowledge and experience with difficult people, just kidding. No really, she’s hear to to help you. So it’s ok to be a difficult person. We have remedies for that.

This is merely an introduction. We will dive into the realm of Incense.

The only content this site will lack is “Scratch and Smell”.