Starting out after 30 years in the incense business sounds paradoxical but it’s true.

The onslaught of the 2020 pandemic forced my magic little shop, Abra Kadabra Kuranda to come to a grinding halt. My fragrant, fun and funky flame had just gone out. I sobbed for three days knowing it would be a while, if ever I could share my passion and knowledge of incense, resins and oils.

Picking myself up was going to take some work, a lot of patience along with some serious writing. I had to do the torturous, the dreaded, the inevitable website. Relying on foot traffic was no longer viable in a small but beautiful, tourist reliant village. The village in the rainforest, my home in the great southern land.

Today the Incense Princess extends a sacred hand to you, lighting some incense and breathing into your space some fresh insight, history, benefits, uses, different kinds of perfume ingredients that are all part of the olfactory wonders of incense.

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