Sacred Symbol “Om”.

Om or AUM has over 100 different meanings and is one of the oldest and most sacred symbols on the planet.
Om has and never has had any negative connotations to it whatsoever. It is a complete and completely positive vibration that permeates the whole universe with an upward movement.
Chant OM. The yogis and sages say it leads to Nirvana.
Originating from the earliest known civilisations, as individual as your own hand writing, Om is pronounced, chanted, written and drawn in many different ways but the meaning and the result is still the same.
Om is the sound of the infinite. Said to be the essence of all Mantras and the Vedas. Om symbolises the entire universe in both sound and form.
The holy trinity “AUM”-
“A” stands for Creation.
“U” stands for Preservation.
“M” stands for Destruction.
Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.
The 3 states of awake, dreaming and deep sleep. Heaven, Earth and the Underworld.
Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. The list of trinity’s goes on.
All words produced by the human vocal cords can be pronounced within the sound of AUM.
Hindus believe that Krishna’s out breathe is one big Om and is the manifest universe unfolding. Krishna is yet to breathe in.
AUM is the sound of the Sun and stars. It’s the sound of ascension, of the infinitely expanding universe and it uplifts the soul.
It is the primal vibration that pervades every living thing.

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