Lotus Flower.

The Lotus is the spiritual flower. One of the most ancient and deep seated symbols on our planet. Sacred to Hindu, Buddhist, the Egyptians as well as many other cultures and religions. They believe that the remarkable beauty of a perfect, unblemished, untouched lotus is a representation of a pure heart and mind.
In Christian society, the lotus is a symbol of fertility, grace and of pious or lofty thoughts.
There is strength in the lotus having grown out of murky waters and there is hope in its symbolism which helps to overcome struggles in daily life.
The different colours of the lotus have an influence on their meaning.
The white lotus is purity and devotion.
The pink lotus is specifically purity and softness of the heart.
The blue lotus is ascension.
The red lotus is passion and the purple lotus is enlightenment or rebirth.
Green lotus flowers are given as a gift for a new start or someone trying to improve their life.
The plant is both medicinal and edible.
A native bright yellow lotus was revered by the North American Indians being a valuable food source for them. Lotus root is a common ingredient in Asian cooking.
The number of petals relate to numerology. The eight petaled lotus represents the eight fold path to enlightenment and the Chakras.
The lotus with a thousand unfolded petals represents reaching enlightenment.

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