Flower of Life.

Believed to have a secret symbol hidden within the middle of the pattern, also said to be the most significant and sacred pattern in the universe. The Flower of Life represents creation and the cycles of life. It’s sacred geometry reminds us of the unity of everything, we share the same DNA. Some depictions very much resembling an atom.
Typically consisting of nine overlapping circles forming patterns of perfectly symmetrical flowers it’s the fundamental pattern contained within a circle that represents everything plant, animal and mineral. The stars, skies and planets, everything in existence including ourselves.
A variation of the Symbol is seven overlapping circles recognised as the Seed of Life that represents the 7 days during which God created life on earth or the Egg of Life that’s similar to a multi cellular embryo in its early stages. The Fruit of Life consists of 13 circles and is the blueprint of the universe, the basis for Metatrons Cube and molecular structure.
It is the Star Aurora , a Merkhaba, , The Star of David. Discovered on Egyptian tombs representing the Eye of Ra dating back 6,000 years. Leonardo da Vinci studied the Flower of Life and derived the golden ratio “Phi” from the symbol.
Today the intriguing pattern and its deeper meaning is sort after and revered now as much as it has been studied and utilised extensively throughout history.

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